Perfect Mess

"But by the grace of God I am What I am, and His Grace to me was not in vain"
I Corinthians 15:10

Rhonda's Story

Like many of you, I spent many years wondering how to be what I had just become once I came to Christ. There is only one-word I can use to describe what it was like to walk out of the deep darkness and chaos that had surrounded me as a single mom living without Jesus, into the Christian bubble called Church that I knew I now needed yet had no idea how to embrace.  That word is TERRIFIED!

With newfound faith in Jesus and an overwhelming and ever-growing love, joy and desire for His Word, a miracle happened for me.  As I began to walk with Jesus, my Shepherd, I began notice my life open before me and a desire grew in her heart to share this Life with other women.

Out of this desire, Jesus allowed me to teach, speak, and share His Word through bible studies. I taught a class called Pink Armor for over seven years, where I would write studies weekly based on prayers for the women in the class and my time with Jesus.  One such study, Becoming Ewe, was birthed during this time.

Becoming Ewe came from a prayer in which I felt caught between the feeling of knowing of Jesus that we all feel in our hearts and yet experiencing losses and seemingly insurmountably obstacles that contradicted what I seemed to know to be true in my heart about Him.

Sometimes it just takes a walk with the Shepherd to see things from a different perspective, and during that prayer time, my Shepherd and I took a walk during which He reminded me, “If I am Your Shepherd, you shall not want.”

This encounter with Jesus became my call to truly begin to become who it is He had called me to be, a woman who did not doubt Him, no matter her circumstances.

Psalm 23 became my life passage as I lived out walking with Jesus and dining with Him through some of the most difficult and challenging circumstances one can face, the loss of my health, finances, career, and the ability to care for and support my family.  My Shepherd allowed me to experience what is left once I was truly sheared and shorn from this world and left me with an unshakable knowledge that He is enough!  To trade in our you for His ewe is truly the most freeing experience one can have in life, and for those of us who know Jesus, it must be ours.

I hold in M.Ed. in counseling and am also a certified Christian counselor, as well as Trauma specialist. On top of teaching bible study, I have led man


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