The Rest of Revelation Week 2 and check in

Better late than never, right? What a blessing that as I type this we are in our home and for the first time all week have power AND water! We had seven pipes burst and yet only one room with some slight flooding. WE ARE SO BLESSED! My mind is blown when I think of […]

The Rest of Revelation, Week 1

Anyone who thinks the Bible is boring must not have read it. Just in Chapter 5 of Revelation, we have; The Throne Room of God Multiple Angels appearing and flying around The scroll (hint it includes the future of the world we are living in right now), being passed off to the Lamb (Jesus) who […]

Wall Building Teaching Video Week 5…3 Prophesies Collide

Could the book of Nehemiah be a key to how we are to respond as a church during this current time of shaking? Join Perfect Mess as we look at Nehemiah with new eyes to help us understand how to persevere and build, even in the midst of a time that is shaking and people […]

Wall Building, Nehemiah Chapter 4

Those building the Wall were not building because they wanted to protect themselves, they were building because they understood that the broken down walls represented God’s judgement over them (a 70 year judgement God first decreed would happen in Isaiah (see Isaiah 7), that was coming to an end and that the LORD was graciously […]

Wall Building: Time To Take Responsibility

As I have been praying over all that is happening during this time in history, the LORD led me to Nehemiah.  It has been an incredible blessing to SEE these few chapters with brand new eyes as they pop out with such striking similarity to all we are going through right now. We, the church, […]