I am living in a fake world.

I eat fake food.

I go to a fake school, or to a fake job where I talk to fake people about fake issues, or fake hopes or maybe how fake leaders will offer fake promises.

Anything to keep anyone from knowing,

That I am fake.


But then, You come.

You are REAL.


You show me REAL life and teach me to SEE the REAL in people.

You show me the REAL Kingdom, fill me with REAL hope based and REAL promises.

You offer me REAL food because You know my REAL hunger.

You give me REAL water for my REAL thirst.

You speak with REAL words that give REAL LIFE.

You are making me REAL.


And You say,

“Go into this fake world, wearing the REAL Me, letting the REAL Me extend My REAL light into this fake world through you.”


I am afraid.


The fake here is so REAL.


Yet, You remind me,

Of a REAL moment

On this REAL earth

When the REAL God

Stepped into the REAL fake in us

And nailed it all to a Cross.


The fake is GONE.

The REAL has COME.


So, I must take up my REAL Cross

Into this REAL earth

Knowing my REAL God

Is living within the REAL me.


Your REAL is here

Therefore, I will go…

And overcome the fake.

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