Perfect Mess

"But by the grace of God I am What I am, and His Grace to me was not in vain"
I Corinthians 15:10

Stand, A Poem written by a friend

I want to introduce you to one of my gifted sisters in Christ who loves to express her worship to Christ through poetry. Her poems have touched me and I have heard Jesus through them. I will be sprinkling some of here in hopes that you enjoy them as much I do.

Here is Laura,

Laura de Mocskonyi has been known to say that her poems come to her, for the most part, very early in the morning, when she is not completely awake, and that reading them later on usually brings about a “who wrote THAT??” kind of response. She is in awe that the Lord is using her to communicate His grace and passion for His lambs through this medium, and sincerely hopes that He will continue to speak encouragement to other pilgrims on this amazing journey. A mom of thirteen (five “heaven babies” included in this number) and now, one son-in-law, two daughters-in-law and two grandchildren, one of the greatest treasures in her life is family.

A metaphor-phosis
They say
Stand on your own two feet.
THESE feet?
The unfaithful feet
That don’t know how to
These feet that
only know how to
Dig their heels in
When they don’t get their way
And life doesn’t go as it was planned?
These feet that
Walk away
When You’re calling me
To stay…
These feet that would
Always choose to run away
These wandering feet
 of this
wandering sheep
who only knows how to stray
How do I stand
when I don’t know a Man
Who stood for me
On His own two Feet
His beautiful Feet
That walked these broken streets
He left those golden streets
How do I stand
When I won’t let this Man
carry me…
Take care of me
Repair me?
He knows our feet are broken
Our hearts and souls broken
Our innocence stolen
We have no leg to stand on
Let alone two
But He stills says,
“I love you.”
He still says,
“I’ll stand for you.”
“With my broken bloody feet
All your needs
 I will valiantly meet
Your debts will be paid
Reparations will be made
On that Cross that was made
By all of You,
For whom I came to bleed…”
This flattens me
And sifts me
Then miraculously lifts me
Shifts me
My focus from
My own two feet
To the Ones impaled for me
How can I stand
When grace
and blood pour down
And wash away
All the filth that I am?
Leaving nothing behind
But the little girl who cried
Cried out for this rescue
Knowing You’d come through
You looked beyond my faults
And saw what I could be
If I could be in You
And You could be in me
With Your Word
You call me to my feet
“Arise, my love,
Come walk with me…
These Beautiful Feet
Are now yours
to stand in

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