Perfect Mess

"But by the grace of God I am What I am, and His Grace to me was not in vain"
I Corinthians 15:10

The Rest of Revelation Week 2 and check in

Better late than never, right?

What a blessing that as I type this we are in our home and for the first time all week have power AND water!

We had seven pipes burst and yet only one room with some slight flooding.


My mind is blown when I think of the things I might have complained about just prior to this past week, while now there is absolutely nothing sweeter than being at home with all we need to comfortably move through our day.

The real silver lining through all of this was seeing our neighborhood come together in ways that I have not experienced since Harvey to support and help one another. Who knew that life long bonds could be forged over the sharing of hard to find plumbing supplies?

I don’t believe any one of us came through this ordeal without needing someone else.

We are one church, but sadly we don’t often live like we are, however this past week I caught beautiful glimpses of the Radiant Bride of Christ shining, breaking through a fortress of ice with the warmth of Christ’s love.

I don’t know how long my heart has needed to witness this, but it’s been awhile. Even those who didn’t have to go through what we just did here in Texas have all felt the “coldness” that has settled in over our hearts this past year, have we not?

Like a sneaky winter storm, it has snuck it’s way in exposing the truth about us that, without it, we might never have realized, the truth that we are all a lot more afraid than we thought we were. And likes pipes exposed to too much coldness at once burst, letting what’s in them to affect what’s around them, so have we seen the truth, the real truth about many of our hearts bursting through our vulnerable and exposed places.

We curse the curse, but often fail to praise God the gift of SEEING the truth.

Perhaps, cursing what’s bursting through another’s  heart keeps us distracted from taking responsibility for our own.

Yet, where does that lead us?

Spewing, drenched, dirty and musty in one another’s mess.

Like cancer that, upon being exposed can be dealt with, and even removed. So, we have seen this truth about ourselves and now have the blessing of asking Jesus to not only remove the truth of what’s inside our heart, but heal the places where we are vulnerable and broken.

And how like Jesus to use the very weapon that is killing our hearts to, instead, awaken them.

In a moment, we can acknowledge Him, and that means acknowledging our mess and our powerlessness to clean it up ourselves. Like a master plumber, He comes and repairs what, only moments before, seemed unsurmountable and accomplishable. He closes holes that were blown wide open by years of building pressure, and releases the valve so that the warmth of His River of Living Water can flow freely once more through our hearts, melting away any threat of a cold, hard heart clotting the line again.

And His River flows, not only into our home, but to every place the sole of our foot touches.

My heart feels awake and alive this morning and, for the first time in a long time, I feel at home here, even during this crazy time.

It’s amazing that it took surviving the coldest time of my life so far to ignite my heart to see the warmth of Christ’s love anew.

I am ever amazed at the Wonder of our LORD’s Ways.


Switching gears, I was able to record our lesson from our bathroom (LOL), however because our internet was spotty, it took forever to upload and perhaps because this one moment in time was the ONLY moment this past week I was able to be alone for any length of time, I somehow dragged this lesson pretty long. I promise to do better in the future.

I am going to post the links below.

Tomorrow we will be moving into Revelation Chapter 2, where we will begin dissecting Christ’s survey of the churches, beginning with the Loveless Church, Ephesus.

No worries if you can’t make it tomorrow, I will post the lesson on our youtube (you might subscribe so you can be notified when it is up), and here.

As always, His and yours,




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