Perfect Mess

"But by the grace of God I am What I am, and His Grace to me was not in vain"
I Corinthians 15:10

Wall Building: Time To Take Responsibility

As I have been praying over all that is happening during this time in history, the LORD led me to Nehemiah.  It has been an incredible blessing to SEE these few chapters with brand new eyes as they pop out with such striking similarity to all we are going through right now. We, the church, like Nehemiah, are being faced with seeing the truth about our broken down walls, and burned up gates. Our hearts are broken as we gaze upon the reality of what we have allowed to happen to that sacred space that God entrusted to us to enclose His Holy name. We have allowed the walls to be broken down and the gates to be burned. We have taken what He has entrusted for granted.

And our bondage that we are now in is the consequence.

So what do we do now?

We pray.

We listen.

And we take responsibility for our sin.

Jesus is using the book of Nehemiah to lead me through my own repentance for my own lack to neglect as part of the church. We are God’s building, we were never meant to build ourselves, but to remain in Him, rested in His love and care.

“The stones which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.” Psalm 118:22

There are a million different directions to go right now, and I find my mind so tempted to be distracted, yet I am finding an inner fortitude as I meditate on Nehemiah and I invite you to join me in mediating on this amazing book of the bible with me.

I have felt convicted lately about seeking followers. It’s one of the biggest reasons I have chosen to remove myself from social media. Please do not follow me. I am a very weak person who is merely trying to follow Christ.

With that said, I do offer myself to you as a sister, and a friend, to walk beside you and with you.  I offer myself to you to show you what Jesus is showing me and ask that, in exchange, you might offer me the same.

Let’s allow Him to build us together and celebrate the beauty and glory of all He is doing as we go.

I love you and I thank you for being on this journey with me.

Here is week 1 of Nehemiah, Wall Building.

His and yours,


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